About 22 Leather - Cape Town

Who we are

22 Leather was founded in 2020 by 2 brothers who had a passion for design and entrepreneurship, as well as a dream and desire to create a proudly South African hand-crafted lifestyle brand.

How it all started...

Growing up Jono, the eldest of the 2 brothers has always had an attraction to fashion and design. Once Mark the younger brother showed interest in a similar field but with leather as the medium. Jono became very intrigued and they put their heads together to come up with a new business venture. With the push of a low employment rate and the uncertainty of “Corona Times” they then decided to launch their new handbag line. 

Both brothers are now in their Mid-20s with an idealistic heart and passionate spirit to achieve and succeed by creating a Proudly South African, Cape Town Based lifestyle brand launching their business from Mark’s bedroom with their Everyday Tote that has also become their most popular bag alongside their clutch. 

Influenced by virtually everything, bringing in their polar opposite styles to find a common ground whilst creating beautifully hand-crafted leather products.